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Some research suggests there are actual characteristics that distinguish strong teachers from other teachers. For example, a survey of middle school students found the following (both lists are rank ordered; NASSP, 1997):

Best Teachers
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Make the class interesting
  • Have knowledge of their subjects
  • Explain things clearly
  • Spend time to help students
  • Are fair to their students
  • Treat students like adults
  • Relate well to students
  • Are considerate of students’ feelings
  • Don’t show favoritism toward students

Worst Teachers
  • Are dull/have a boring class
  • Don’t explain things clearly
  • Show favoritism toward students
  • Have a poor attitude
  • Expect too much from students
  • Don’t relate to students
  • Give too much homework
  • Are too strict
  • Don’t give help/individual attention
  • Lack control